Listen to: Determination
Listen to: I Will Not Cry
Iman is a uniquely multi-talented music sensation! Whether singing, writing, producing, composing or arranging, this classically-trained virtuoso creates music from her very heart and soul. Iman’s original works are independently produced in the classic R&B style with an “old school soulful sound” and “jazzy flavor with a touch of funk” you just can’t find on mainstream radio anymore. Her songs are autobiographical – personal stories about love, loss, unrelenting tragedy and determination through dark nights of the soul we’ve all endured. Iman’s gift is the power to transform adversity into definitively beautiful and inspirational music – the kind that lasts, the kind that lives on forever.

Iman’s original compositions are an amalgam of jazz, gospel, R&B, hip-hop, classical, African and Latin rhythms, melodious harmonies and infectious hooks inspired by her musical upbringing. Since she was a little girl, Iman envisioned combining elements of various musical genres to create a universally-appealing sound that has evolved into Iman’s signature style and sound.

Make sure to check out Iman’s premier albums, The Soundtracks of My Life and Determination. You can sample these soulful sounds, buy and enjoy right here and now!